This food is by far the best dog food I have given my German Shepard Milo ever. He goes crazy for it.His overall health is great. His coat has never been shinier or softer. I dont see myself using any other dog food.
— Jabir & Christina
We are extremely happy with our current formula. We once used a bit too much greens, the farts were unbearable. But its all good now. Our dogs are super happy and healthy. Our dilemma now is how do we tire these dogs out! Please help us these dogs just dont get tired.
— Jana & Corey
In just 30 days we have seen such a huge phyiscal change in our Pit Mix Brittney. She has definitely slimmed down some, she is also noticable more muscular in appearance. We have always swam Brit regular to burn off some energy, now though, she takes a bit longer before she will come out of the water. It’s amazing how in just 30 days of feeding raw we have seen such great changes in our dog’s overall health. Thanks BKRAW..
— Simon & Barbara
This food is amazing. Im doing bi-weekly meal prep, and my dog’s meals are always fresh and they come fast. My dog Minnie is also doing really well on the BARF diet. She’s gained some weight, Minnie has always been thin. More importantly though she seems much more healthy, and alert. You can smell the fresh vegetables when you thaw and open up the pack. This product is amazing, i’ll never feed my dog kibble again. Thank you BrooklynRaw..
— Julia and Minnie



We promise to “GRIND” only the freshest human grade ingredients. All our organic fruit and vegetables will be locally sourced. We promise to process and package every meal of BrooklynRaw as if we were feeding it to our own dogs.

About Us


I’ve alway fed my dogs RAW! Both avid dog enthusiasts, we met at our local Dog Park in Brooklyn’s famous Prospect park. I was helping dog owners with basic obedience at the time. Jana found my card at a local pet shop. The rest is history. People complimented us all the time on how good our dogs looked. And were astonished by there seemingly endless energy. Our dogs are super healthy because of the “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”, and exercise we provide. Shiny coats, whiter teeth, seemly inexhaustible amounts of energy, and most important, small manageable stools. We started BrooklynRaw in 2017. Now we are helping other dog parents to feed their dogs exactly the way we feed ours.